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Guided Meditation & Spirituality I Dhyanse

Apr 2, 2021

We are so much involved in the useless drama of life that we forget why we are here, why we are born - the most essential to remember. And we get busy with the mundane arrangements of life.

They say that when you are born and take the first breath, you know for a very brief moment why you are born, why are you here. Then for the rest of this life, you are in a certain kind of forgetfulness about the essential. The illusion of this life, of this world, is so amazing that you forget. And then when you taking your last breath, is that moment again where you are reminded and the remembrance of why you were born, why you were here, flashes back. In between there is this forgetfulness, there is this absence of awareness. Not even a question ever occurs to us throughout our life, 'why am I here?' Through meditation, in this meditation session, I would like to urge you to remember why you are born, why you are here. To go into this contemplation, to go into this fact, why you are here. There is a lot of significance in entering this question and understanding and letting wisdom that comes out of it manifest in our life in all possible ways.

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