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Guided Meditation & Spirituality I Dhyanse

Nov 25, 2020

Until your consciousness awakens you remain vulnerable to the external. You can be led here and there by your body, mind and spirit. Only with the consciousness burning bright and alive like the sun inside, you can claim to be on your own feet. This is what is known as Enlightenment!

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Nov 19, 2020

Today we mark the end of our spiritual journey with Patanjali.

In yoga sutras, the end is a union of all energies to culminate into pure consciousness. That has been the goal of Patanjali from the very beginning. Once the meditator reaches to Kaivalyam, pure emptiness, there are two possibilities. 1) To never come back...

Nov 18, 2020

For compete absorption into nothingness, you will have to let go of your competely. Not even a trace of you is left to hold you back. The drop has to merge into the ocean to become the ocean. It cannot remain as a drop in the ocean.


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Nov 17, 2020

On the path of Kaivalyam, you will experience these 4 phases:

1. Awareness rising: During your daily life, you will be more aware and for the first time you will see everything with a different set of eyes
2. Intelligence functioning in light of awareness: There will be conflict, in your mind, in between how you have...

Nov 16, 2020

As you enter the doors of ultimate freedom of nothingness and emptiness, Patanjali sees through you and asks you to drop all your belief systems. Scientific or unscientific, mainstream or alternate, rational or irrational, he says move into emptiness without holding no to anything.

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